Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Misconceptions of Forex Trading

One of the reason why Forex trading has surged in popularity is because of the claims that it is extremely profitable. The majority of these new traders enter the fore market with nothing more but just the notion of easy profits. However in fact this misconception had also caused many to hold back and on some occasion quit altogether out of pure frustrations.
Before you start trading, here are some things you should know.
The Forex market is not equivalent to the stock market
A lot of people nothing the similarity between the two markets assumed that they are both the same. However, this is not so. There is actually a world of differences between them. It goes to follow that the skills sets for each market is different. Equating them both is like comparing shoes making skills with sock knitting skills and saying that they are both the same. Therefore even if you are experienced in the stock market, you will still need to start with the basics in the Forex market.
Regardless of the timezone, trading is available anytime
It seems like the majority of ads promoting Forex trading courses and systems try to lure people in with this one. Yes, it's true the Forex market is open 24 hours a day and you could, theoretically, trade whenever you want. If you want to be profitable, though, you're not going to be picking your own hours. In order to make profitable trade, you need volatility in your currency pair. That's not likely to happen when everybody's asleep. Naturally, the best times to trade will depend on your currency pair.
Trading on the Forex has no commission payable.
Free is an overstatement here. It's true that in Forex trading you don't need to pay a fixed commission on your trades. What you do pay, however, is the spread. That means the more trades you make, the more you'll end up paying. That's hardly free.
You'll profit only if you can predict what the markets will do
No one can ever predict which way the market can or will go. The best anyone can do is by making an educated guess. Most people do this by using technical chart analysis. The reasoning behind all this focus on prediction is the fallacy of trying to keeping one step ahead of the market. Most forex traders in trying to do this just ended up mentally exhausted the best way actually to go about trading on the forex market is to just follow market sentiments. Thus when the market changes, all you have to do is to react appropriately. The ability to know what to do in times of changes comes about only when one has experiences.
Simple strategies are not plausible
There seems to be something about complexity that mesmerizes people. Even people who should know better often subconsciously assume the system with the most whistles and bells and razzle-dazzle is the most effective. It's the underlying believe that if a system is complicated that means it's really thorough and leaves absolutely nothing to chance. That's just not always true, though. Sometimes complex systems do nothing more than take the scenic route to the very same conclusion a simpler system would have led you to.
people believes all these claims because of the all the misleading advertisements on the forex market. And these advertisements lead people to believe the wrong idea about forex markets. Therefore before you start trading in the forex market, take time off to learn the actual situation about the forex market if you want profitability minus the headaches.
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