Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Basics of Trading Forex

Trading forex is a huge business where over three trillion dollars are traded each day. This is a huge market for people to get into. The problem is that most people that get involved end up losing money. There is a small minority of people that end up making all the profits. The reason is that they have the underlining strategies of this business.
The first thing you need to do is set a simple rule for yourself. You're not going to be led down the road of emotion, speculation and feelings with trading. This is the fastest way to lose all your money because it turns a business into a game of roulette. Emotion is the enemy in this business. The proper way to conduct yourself is in a cold calculated way. You should be able to look at numbers and come up with risk and probability of profit. These are all numbers and you make your moves with numbers, not emotions.
Most people that give up think that big banks and huge corporations are the ones that are making all the money. They do make a lot of money, but it comes from the basic fact that they have a lot of money to trade with. There returns aren't that good because they have to play it extremely safe. It's the little guys in this business that answer to no one that make excellent returns.
What separates the little guy that makes money from the little guy that loses money? When the little guy goes to sleep, the market and trades are still being watched. The forex market never closes, so a lot of new people just leave their money on the table while they sleep. If the currency takes a plunge, so does their bank account. It's important to have automated software like Forex Killer running on your computer monitoring market and your trades. They work automatically, so it can automatically sell before you lose any money, and it can also buy if you instruct it to. It is a very valuable tool to help you since you can't watch the market every minute of the day.
These are the basics of forex trading. This is what divides the successful from the failures. You need to make cold calculated moves and you have to have a way to monitor the market 24/7 because you can't do it alone.
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