Thursday, 23 February 2012

Forex Trading Tip

Forex trading can be a dangerous activity for gamblers. There is a difference between a gambler and an investor. A gambler who trades has no qualms about over leveraging his/her account, going all in, possibly risking his/her entire account for a shot at doubling the account on one single trade. Many Forex brokerages have competitions between their members and whichever trader ends the trading month with the highest percentage gain to his/her account is deemed the winner. Immediately, the first day after the competition begins, you notice many traders' accounts are up as high as 300% or 400% just after one day of trading. These are the type who over leverage their accounts and risk everything on one trade. These are the ones who get very lucky on one trade. Then you have those who are at the very bottom of the list for percentage gain on day #1 of trading with a 100% loss to their account having lost all their capital on one trade. These are the traders who used the same strategy as those at the top of the list, yet they simply weren't as lucky.
To succeed over the long-term as a Forex trader, one must implement appropriate strategies and disciplines to protect your trading account. The first thing I am sure to be careful of when trading is to never risk more than 2% to 3% of my account balance on any single trade. The second thing I do is ensure that I leverage at 5:1 leverage. Depending on the trading system, 10:1 leverage is acceptable but never higher than this. The last thing I tend to do in any trade is to aim for at least double what my stop loss is as a profit target. Trading in this manner drastically reduces the chances of blowing out your account on one trade but allows you to stay in the game and continue to trade and experience steady, regular growth and compounding to your trading account. It also provides that you only need to win at least 50% of your trades to still have a profit. For me, these few trading techniques are the logical, intelligent way to trade any system you may be using.
I personally use a terrific trading system for swing trading called the G7. I purchased this e-book from James DeWet, a professional Forex trader, who markets and sells his e-book online. I began trading this system in March 2008. Using this system to trade the currency market I have experienced a 57% return on my account up to the end of July 2008, 5 months' time. I find the trading system very well-explained in his e-book. Daily reports and training videos are available on his website to assist with the learning curve using the system. If anyone is interested in trading currency for a living, this is a terrific system to use and where I have gained much of my trading knowledge from and, I feel, has assisted me in being a successful currency trader.
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