Monday, 20 February 2012

Forex Blogs - Separating the Wheat From the Chaff

There are a lot of Forex blogs out on the web, and while some of them offer really good advice, others are mostly just fluff with an affiliate link. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't search high and low for a good Forex blog.
A truly quality Forex based blog online to help teach you the ropes of the market, but you do want to make sure that you're following and absorbing the advice of a good Forex blog that is being posted to by an actual trader who knows how the Forex works.
Don't take the advice of someone who is only into theory and can't trade for a profit themselves.
There are several tell tale signs you can look for when looking over a Forex blog that can help you determine whether or not that blog is one you should be listening to, or one that you should actually ignore completely without a second thought.
You Should:
1) Look for a blog that is posted to by someone who actually trades the Forex. Would you learn locksmithing from anyone other than a locksmith? Then why would you try to learn Forex from anyone other than an actual trader? Theory doesn't count. If the person doesn't actively trade, don't take their advice.
2) Look for a blog that gives actual useful information. I'm not talking about a step by step guide to the person's trading system, but each post should provide some information or advice that helps you learn a little bit more than when you first showed up.
3) Learn some about the Forex market yourself. There's enough free information from reliable authority sites that you should be able to learn about all the basics of how the Forex market and Forex trading works, and that will help you spot a phony from a mile away.
4) If anything sounds really fishy, ignore that "expert" and look elsewhere.
Using this advice as a guide should help you to be able to determine whether a Forex blog has any true worth to your ongoing Forex education or not. If not, drop it like a bad habit and don't return.
Your objective is to get good at trading, not to keep skimming blogs to see if someone else is beginning to get it.
When you find a Forex blog that gives good solid information and really strives to help you learn about the market, then read all you can and you'll be on your way to being a better trader.
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