Sunday, 19 February 2012

Common Aspects of Top Forex Traders

Forex or foreign exchange currency market exists wherever one currency could be traded for another currency. There has been an incredible upsurge in the average daily trade of global forex and related markets. For the year ended April 2007, the Bank for International Settlement estimated such markets to be over US $4 trillion. In New York alone, trading accounted for nearly 16.6% of the total daily global turnover of $3.98 trillion. Because foreign exchange is an OTC (over-the-counter) market, there is no central exchange or clearing house. Instead brokers or dealers negotiate with each other directly. There are very few or little cross-border regulations.
Currency trading or forex trading could be affected by a number of factors. Some of them are fiscal or monetary policy of the government, political conditions in the country and market psychology that includes the traders' perceptions. This non-stop cash market can change at any time in response to real-time events. In fact, it could be very difficult to small time traders to keep up with the constant fluctuations in the currencies.
'Forex traders' are the currencies that are traded by the investors. The best forex traders or the top forex traders are those that are making most profit for the investors. You can now easily get information on net about the top forex traders by accessing live data online. This helps the general public to reap in good profits.
Success doesn't come easy. That is true. Yet we can guarantee good profit by getting good forex training. The most popular forex traders are ones that are monitored closely. They are called the 'majors'. The EUR/USD combination, the USD/JPY, the USD/CHF, and the GBP/USD combinations are the most popular ones. You need good forex trading guides and proper forex training education to earn good money from this extremely lucrative system.
The top forex traders know how to follow the rules of the game. Most beginners might feel that such a system is useless. They may even ignore it and trade in it using only their gut feelings. Following the currency trading system that has been developed over several years by experts helps the top forex traders to cut down its volatility. Also it is only the top forex traders who know where and when to place a stop order. They can help investors to avoid getting hit by bad exchange rates and thus minimize their losses.
Finally it is only the top traders who have the ability to stand high in any tide. They are never tempted to end a position against the system's orders. Top forex traders know how far their losses could go only because they follow the stop loss order. Thus with a stop loss order, the investor can stop the trade even if it does not go well. Beginners don't have that guts to stand out against the wind. With the initial black clouds, they disappear. This is because they lose; they close that position instead of waiting for the big opportunity that comes on later! Finally discipline and forex knowledge holds the key to success.
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