Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Forex Broker Reviews - What Are the Most Important Factors to Examine When Selecting a Forex Broker?

The selection of the proper Forex Brokerage firm can often mean the difference between being a profitable trader and one who wishes they never entered the market. Each and every of the large reputable Forex broker operates a little bit differently and has plusses and minus. I am not even going to even discuss the smaller firms because; since this is essentially an unregulated industry there is no possibility of me ever depositing my funds with them. I have been with a number of the larger firms and still maintain an account with a few of them which I have selected as my top performers.
The first thing I looked for when I was choosing my Forex broker, was whether I felt comfortable depositing a substantial sum with them and if I was going to get it back. I wanted to be able to sleep at night and this sole reason eliminated any of the fly by night outfits that are here today and gone tomorrow. Next, I tried to check on the security of their computer system. After all, having your account wiped out by some hacker in the middle of the night can sure mess up your morning. This is another reason I only trust the big guys. It is quite difficult for us small players to determine how secure any computer system is, so I stay with the large firms under the assumption; they are making plenty of money and therefore can afford to have a highly secure system.
The next feature I am bearing in mind is customer service. When something goes wrong with my account, I want somebody on the phone and I want them on the phone now. Don't tell me to hit button #2 and then #3 next #4 to hear I have a 10 minute wait. You are not going to keep me as a customer if that's what you're all about. Also, when I get you on the phone, please make sure you know what your talking about and can SOLVE my problem. I just really don't want you to tell me you're going to put in a ticket to find my $50,000 and you will get back to me in a few days. Over the years I have had problems depositing funds and with drawing them from both stock and Forex brokers. I can tell you from past experience this will ruin your day in a hurry and I am not dealing with a firm that can take care of this issue immediately.
Those are the two most important factors I considered when opening and maintaining my Forex broker accounts. Being a businessman myself, I know that having the types of service I desire or should I say I require is not cheap. It cost money, so I am more than happy to pay a few more cents in commission per trade to do business with a firm that values these qualities as much as I do. If you are new to the markets and are only looking for low Pip's and that is the only thing your concerned about I only have one thing to say to you. Good luck, because it only takes one time to find out and we are not talking about going to a restaurant and having a bad meal here. We are talking about something that can hurt for a very long time and take quite a few trades to get it back. I know it is not too hard to make money in the Forex markets, anybody can do it, but losing something that is yours will hurt and hurt for a while.
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